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Clean Room Garments

Dupont Tyvek Garments

DuPont offers a wide range of general protection garments in variety of fabrics which range from Tyvek for toxic particle barrier, to ProShield NexGen for light splash protection, to ProShield garments for non-toxic particles such as dirt and grime.
Tyvek is proprietary technology only available from DuPont
Tyvek offers protection from lead dust, mold, asbestos and many other dry particle and aerosol hazards that industrial workers come in contact with everyday
Certain garments are also used in cleanroom and contamination critical environments (see specific information on cleanroom applications)

The most popular material for disposable garments is Tyvek. It provides excellent strength and repels most chemicals, acids, dirt and grime. It is neither film, woven fabric, nor paper, but it combines the best qualities of all three to make a light weight, low cost, durable garment. The illustrations below show our full line of Tyvek apparel.

Paint Sundries : If you are looking for paint sundry products for wholesale or retail you have come to the right place. From painter's rags to coveralls we have everything you need.

Anti Static Garments

Vaishnavi Offers Durable Anti Static Hoods, Anti Static Coveralls And Other Anti Static Garments. Vaishnavi’s anti static protective garments are carefully crafted to inhibit electrostatic contamination. As a proven protection against electrostatic buildup, these anti static hoods and coveralls are worn in any location where static electricity may cause costly defects. Made with polyester and carbon thread, our quality anti static garments are available in a variety of styles, static control fabrics and colors. Lightweight and comfortable, our anti-static hoods are also durable and reusable.

We manufacture our products according to your needs. While the anti static hood is greatly used in the medical community, our anti static coveralls and anti static hoods are also very protective for sensitive manufacturing, as well as specialized painting. If you’re searching for an anti static garment in a specific pattern or size, we are able to customize almost any anti static garment for you.

An anti static cover protects the patient or product from accidental harm. Our goal is to keep the process safe, while also keeping you satisfied in pricing and product durability. Vaishnavi has your anti static hood and anti static coverall for any highly sensitive workplace.

Non Woven Garments

Product Attributes: (FDA APPROVED, SGS TEST SHEET)

1. Disposable Non-woven garments(surgical gowns,coverall style, etc.)
2. Fabric: non-woven compound with highly breathable film
3. Unisex coverall/gowns design
4. Static control, lint free, ultralow particle generation
5. For use in EPA (Electrostatic Protective Area) and Surgery
6. For one time use in critical area which requires clean and safe environment, this protective garments helps protect workers from inside and outside contamination
7. can also be applied in ISO Class 5-8 cleanroom environment
8. Available in customer size and design
Company in brief:
FKH is a professional manufacturer, developer and exporter of Cleanroom and Antistatic (ESD) products which are designed to protect and minimize the potential impact on ESD-sensitive products and to control environment for better and healthier performance in industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology

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