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Bouffant Caps

We offer non woven head caps which helps cover the entire head and scalp area. As the hair and scalp area contain large area of micro-organisms and these bacteria when released during surgical procedure can be problematic. This head cap is the most effective way to ensure hygiene.

We are into making the Caps Non-Woven which are widely used in hospitals and various other relevant industries. These caps are stitched using high quality fabric and woven with machine. These caps shields hair from splashing and hence patients cleanliness can also be taken care.

Lightweight 21" Cap affords economical protection for hygienic work environments. Low lint material. Breathable polypropylene stays cool and comfortable

Description: bouffant cap, clip cap, mob cap, crimp cap
Material: 10g PP non woven fabric
Size: 18, 19, 20, 21"
Type: Single Elastic
Color: White/Blue/Green

Surgeon Caps

We present for our clients a wide range of surgeon caps that are fabricated from superior quality light air permeable spun bond PP fabrics. These surgeon caps are used at various hospitals and medical collages by doctors and students. Surgeon caps are available in blue color. Surgeon caps are worn to check shedding of dandruff and hair.
Attributes :
High quality material
Light air permeable spun bond PP fabric

Disposable Caps
The hair and scalp area frequently contain large numbers of microorganisms. If hair is kept still from movement then less bacteria is released. The most effective way to keep hair still is to cover it entirely with surgical headwear. Frequent touching of the hair results in contamination of the hands. A cap should be put on before hands are disinfected, and hands should always be washed and disinfected after a cap is removed and discarded and our range of product includes disposable caps, disposable non woven cap, disposable surgeon caps, disposable surgical caps, disposable bouffant cap, non woven bouffant cap, surgeon''s cap with ties and surgeon''s caps with elastic. Headwear that is manufactured on ultrasonic machines is more hygienic than those traditional stitched caps that encounter manual handling. -see all type surgeon caps

Surgical Face Mask

Surgical masks are primarily intended to protect the patient against airborne infective agents originating from the healthcare staff respiratory tract. Some masks are also intended to protect the staff against potentially contaminated fluid splashes. Additionally, a mask should allow easy breathing.

Thea-Tex has developed a diverse range of surgical masks from the basic 2-ply mask that caters to the more economical requirements of the domestic market to the advanced high performance surgical masks, meeting European (EN) and US (ASTM) standards. Thea-Tex tests its masks at the world leading laboratories and also researches and develops new types of masks such as 4-Ply activated carbon masks, visor masks, pink and yellow masks, surgical face masks, surgical full face masks, 3-ply tie mask, 4-ply ear-loop, 2-ply tie mask, disposable face mask, disposable medical face mask, disposable ear loop face mask, SMS masks etc.

All Thea-Tex surgical face masks are 175 x 95 mm and manufactured on automated ultrasonic machinery, therefore no manual processes are involved

2-Ply Ear-Loop And Elastic Mask, 2,3,4-Ply Tie Masks and much more., -see all type Surgical Face Masks

Shoe Covers

Thea-Tex non woven shoe covers are a strong, durable effective form of protecting an operating theatre or clean room area from soiled feet or footwear, to maintain a hygienic environment and our product range also includes shoe cover, basic shoe cover and anti skid shoe cover. The shoe covers are more reliable than thinner plastic ones that have the deficiency of easily tearing.
When it is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment without taking risks, the non woven shoe covers are preferable to protect from dirt and dust, for longer periods without tearing.
Anti Skid Shoe Cover
25 Gsm PP Spunbond
Special hot melt glue for anti skid
Ideal for slippery/smooth surfaces
Strong, durable and effective
Long lasting without tearing
Universal size
Generous and simple fitting
Soft thread elastic at ankle
Each pair packed uniquely into small rolls

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