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Cleanroom Tapes

Texwipe offers a range of Cleanroom Tapes, constructed from the highest quality materials available. Available in a range of sizes, colors and materials, we have a solution to your specific application.

Advanced Materials.
Texwipe has explored and developed the most advanced materials available. Our Cleanroom Tapes feature:

Traditional, and microdenier woven and non-woven materials, commercially down to .001 denier, and in experiments down to .00004 denier
Bicomponent and other complex fibers
Virtually all man-made materials, including polyester, rayon and other cellulosics, nylon and other polyamides
Cotton and other natural products which have been modified to achieve new dimensions in cleanliness and particle release

Texwipe has been a longstanding leader in developing tapes for specific applications, including:

LMR (Longitudinal Magnetic Recording)
Pre sputter cleaning/burnish
Post sputter cleaning/burnish
Post lube wipe or clean
Head cleaning after dicing

Our Cleanroom Tapes are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials for almost every use imagineable.

A cleanroom is a sterile room that is subject to regular, timely air changes. The more air changes per hour in a cleanroom, the more sterile the room. Air in the cleanroom is always kept at a positive pressure so that it is always pushing out and not letting air from the outside in. In a typical cleanroom, air is pushed out from the ceiling to the floor. They are non-residuing and designed for critical environments.

What are cleanroom labels?

Cleanroom labels are simply labels that have gone through a sophisticated sterilization process for safe use in cleanrooms. They are particle free and double bagged from their suppliers to help ensure they stay clean.
What do you use cleanroom labels for?

These labels are not restricted to use solely in cleanrooms. Some construction sites use them to label particle-sensitive rooms during building or repair. They can also be used for:

Testing labs
Wafer seals in labs
Test tube labels
Within clean testing tents
Clean room packaging

How can I get cleanroom labels?

Most cleanroom labels are customized for each customer and there are few cleanroom label providers. However, Burris is now offering custom cleanroom labels; each order built just for you.

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